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Light Language Introduction

How does Light Language change our thought proccess in the way we interact with the world and help us create what we are wanting to manifest in our lives?

Light Language 101

Light Language 101 is the basics of all basics and lays the foundation to all other workshops at Light Language University.

As we are moving though a massive awakening on the planet, we are discovering how we fit into the new energy that is emerging on the planet and to how plug into our natural abilites that are opening up at this time.

Why Is Light Language 101 a Prerequisite for Light Language 102?

So much is changing on our planet with the higher viberational frequencies that are emerging. Now is the time to learn about how the rules have changed from what we used to know in accessing a faster and easier way of working with our abilities.

LLW101 lays that foundation of helping students understand not only the shift that is taking place but how to access the informatiaon and to work at light speed.

Light Language 102

After the foundation is layed in Light Languge 101, the next step is to begin to understand how to step in and work with the different quantum fields.

Light Language 102 allows students to experience and break down all the energies in discovering just how they interact with a living Universe and the world around them.

Light Language 102 Souls Purpose

In Light Language 102 we learn more about our soul's purpose and why we choose to participate in the experiences in and around us.

What Is Light Language?

So really what is Light Language all about and why do we we call it a holographic language that we participate on a day to day basis?

Introduction To Light Language - Ana Noyce

Who is Ana Noyce and what is her background in Light Language and understanding the Awakening process that is happening now?

Chakra Balancing Tool

One of the first things we learn is to balance our chakras and raise our vibratioanl frequencies. This one exercise does both and helps with a smoother transition with the ascension process that is happening on the planet and the Universe.

What Is Spirit Anatomy?

Why is spirit anatomy important? We as human beings are a combination of mind, body and soul. Spirit anatomy is the third part of who we are as multi-dimensional beings and affects how we heal, connect and communicate on multi levels. So why wouldn't we want to understand more about how it all works?

Energetic Cords

Did you know that we cord and decord others on an everyday basises? Did you know that it affects our moods, energy and how we interact with others.

By understanding this process on a deeper level can help us change what we are creating and manifesing in all of our relationships.

Shifting of the Ages

A higher vibration is emerging within the Universe activating our DNA and creating a massive Awakening on our planet. We are all participating in the ascension process whether we are conscious or unconscious of what is happening in and around us.

Awakening to Light Language

What is Light Language and why does it affect everyone in the world?

Light Language Grounding

The Universe is changing so why wouldn't we think that the way we ground is changing along with it?

The Basics of Being an Empath

What does it mean to be an empath and what are our responsiblities to ourselves and others as emapaths?

Psychic or Energy Vampire

Ever felt drained by someone you were around? Then why wouldn't you think there was such a thing as energy vampires? But what if we told you that there was something much more going on?

Healing Properties of Stones

Did you know that basic science really proves how stones can affect us on a much deeper level?