Light Language University Staff

Dean of Education

Tanya Griffin

Tanya Griffin is the Dean of Education for the Light Language University. She is the administrator for all admissions, tuitions, schedules and any questions concerning qualifications for workshops, classes, development groups and certifications for the Light Languge University.

Tanya works as an advisor for students who have questions about which direction they wish to pursue in Light Language.

Tana is also the supervisor for the Teacher certification program. She is head of and one of the instructors for the Teacher workshops and handles all paperwork for the Teacher certification program.

Ph# (903) 268-5436

Assistant Dean

Jeanie Mills

Jeanie Mills is the supervisor for the Light Language University website. She keeps the website up to date with the classes, workshops, development groups, and seminars that are offered during the Fall, Spring and Summer trimesters.

She also works with Steve Noyce in collaboration with all details of publications of the Light Language Manuals.

She handles all questions concering the website and manuals.

Ph# (469) 338-7214

Chief Editor

Cindy Wenban

Cindy Wenban is the editor for the Light Language University website and all of The Light Language manuals.

Director of Operations

Steve Noyce

Steve is responsible for keeping the Light Language University's website online and takes care of all the technical issues associated with the Universtiy.

He is the producer and director for the YouTube videos created for the Light Language University. He manages uploading slides and artwork for all the workshop, and manuals.

Steve also works with Jeanie Mills in the details of publishing the manuals created for the workshops and classes.

Founder & Instructor

Ana Noyce

Ana works on helping others understand the Awakening process. She also is the founder and an instructor for the Light Language University. All of the teachings are to remind us all that there are three parts to a human being, mind, body and soul.

The workshops and classes are about rediscovering that we are not just a physical body with a brain, but also a soul with a spirit anatomy that completes the connection in balancing the mind, and body. All of the crriculum and manuals are from her studies, teachings and practice as a practioner and teacher.

Her website, Circle Insights

(817) 944-0867