Message to Students

Light Language - The language of the Divine blueprint of the Soul

Our Mission: To inspire others who are awakening and to aid in the imminent growth of the conscious awareness of being multi-dimensional

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The time of shifting from operating in the old energy to the new, non-linear, multi-dimensional energy is upon us. Most of us have forgotten that we are truly self-sufficient and able to resolve any issues we perceive to be holding us back from achieving our desires. We are given " life challenges' to "awaken our subconscious". It is a calling to get your attention and drive us to fulfill the reasons we come into being. You have everything you need to joyously create everything you desire.

Light Language is a holographic Universal Language that we as human beings are fluent in on a subconscious level. As we become more aware of this multi-dimensional language of the soul, we learn to translate and process this living language by understanding our alignment with our energy centers and how they merge into the energy fields in and around the physical body. When we remember this, we become aware of our birthright as multi-dimensional beings connected to the Universe as a whole. Once we achieve this union we begin the process of stepping into our personal power to heal, create, and maninfest on a conscious level instead of being ruled by the consequences of what we call fate.

All the teachings are to remind us all that there are three parts to a human being: mind, body and soul. The workshops and classes are about rediscovering that we are not just a physical body with a brain, but also a soul with a spirit anatomy that completes the connection in balancing the mind and body. The Light Language University is now offering these workshops and classes that help accelerate enlightenment and stepping into one's personal power.

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