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Sponsored by Light Language University in Collaboration with Circle Insights

Twice a month on Wednesday nights 7pm-8pm Central Time, USA
Cost is Free for each Event Session. Spend an evening with Ana Noyce on Zoom

The LLU is proud to offer Topics and Questions to be discussed on these two evenings twice a month on topics you may want to know about. Tanya Griffin, The Education Director of the Light Language University will be the moderator for the event. Fill in and submit the form below if you want to propose a Discussion Question or Topic before the event.
The first half of the evening will be a Q&A to be answered by Ana Noyce. The last half of the evening there will be two 15min Breakouts for the Groups to discuss the topic of the evening and share their thoughts and personal experiences.

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Tanya Griffin

Ph# (469)228-4077

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