Ana Noyce, Founder of Light Language University

"Working with energy is something in life that you can't ever imagine not doing as it is a part of your whole being and everyday experience. Like everyone who is working with energy I was called to it. " - Ana Noyce

As a child Ana was fortunate in having a father whose background was in Buddhism and also studied with a curandera and the Native American Indians who taught him the medicine way. He passed his knowledge to Ana as she grew up learning how to observe and talk to animals, understanding the silent and verbal communication while living on a working ranch. He also shared with her how to look at the world through the eyes of an artist with a great deal of respect when exploring the energy of the life force that sustains us.
At the age of thirteen she became a Christian and left everything that she had learned from her father far behind. In her mid-thirties she joined the staff at the local church where she and her family attended only to have supernatural experiences leaking out as she tried to hold it all in. It wasn't until she had a visit in 2007, one morning by two Golden Light Beings standing next to her bed waiting for her to wake up, that she could no longer deny the experiences. Within that month her life was turned completely upside down with everything disappearing as she had known it to be and thus started her journey of Awakening. The process that followed was like Alice in Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole, where what she thought and believed at that time turned out to be only an illusion.
With nowhere to turn she decided to make a pilgrimage back to her childhood home to Taos NM, to heal and grieve her soul. It was there that she found Golden Willow and began to accept and allow the true gifts of the Spirit to come through once again. Soon after through the loving care of many teachers who entered her life, she was able to heal and walk again between the physical world and the world of Spirit.
Now she works directly with the Golden Light beings to help bring awareness of the Awakening on the planet and the connection of the physical and spiritual world as One. She is an Usui & Karuna Master Reiki Teacher, a Shaman practitioner, Akashic Records Reader, Medical Intuitive, Blessing giver, Psychic surgeon, Channeler, Author, and Speaker. She has also studied Mediumship and learned various modalities through her experiences of using Planetary energies, Sacred Geometry & Vibrational medicine. Ana has worked and studied under numerous Spiritual teachers besides her father who gave her an esoteric foundation as she progressed in her knowledge of the Matrix.
In her early years she earned her Bachelor of Science degree from North Texas State University in Textile Chemistry and Design. Later she pursued a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education from the University of Texas at Arlington that she used to facilitate Light Language courses designed to help seekers, practitioners and teachers wanting to understand how they fit into the great scheme of things as a multidimensional being.

Recently Ana has written two books one called A Journey into the Sacred Heart, which is about her spiritual journey and some of the wisdom that was passed on to her along the way from teachers in both the physical and Spirit world. Her second book is a Children's book for Adults called In the Mind of the Creator, inspired by an astral projection that happened to her which propelled her into the consciousness of One mind.
Ana is the founder and an Instructor of the Light Language University.She also continues to see and work with clients in her private practice Circle Insights.
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