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We are excited to announce that we will be presenting Speaker Panels at wellness fairs around the DFW Metroplex! LLU's Mission is "To inspire others who are Awakening and to aid in the imminent growth of the consious awarness of being Multi-Dimensional." As we awaken, we find that there is so much out in the world to learn about and we don't have enough hours in a day to learn it all, as well as explore the multude of view points. That is why we created the Speaker Panels, to look at different angles of the different catagories.

We have gathered multiple talented and gifted Light Beings who will share their wisdom with you and offer an opportunity to answer any questions that you might have about what they do. We are presenting three panels: Healers that Use Tools to Facilitate Healing, Healers That Do Not Use Tools to Facilitate Healing, and Mediumship, that you will be able to ask questions to about how energy works using the different modalities.


12th Holistic Festival of Life & Wellness

Saturday, October 30th 10AM - 6PM FREE ADMISSION FOR THE PUBLIC!!

Located at the Plano Event Center, 2000 E Spring Creek Pkwy, Plano, TX.

Light Language University will be presenting three Speaker Panels at the 12th Holistic Festival of Life & Wellness. It is FREE to attend these panel discussion!

11AM-1PM: Healers that Use Tools to Facilitate Healing Panel

1:30PM-3:30PM: Healers that Don't Use Tools to Faciliate Healing Panel

4PM-6PM: Mediumship Panel

Our Moderator

Ginger Reid

Business Consultant + Executive Coach + Speaker + Leadership Catalyst

As a Leadership Catalyst, Predictive Index (PI) Certified Behavioral Specialist and Partner, Ginger Reid magnifies EQ on purpose withExecutive Leaders, Teams, High Potentials and Millennials elevating performance, connection, collaboration, and profitability. Through aproprietary coaching process, “Brain Activate”, clients shift to an empowered state as they discover and ignite potential - conscious shifts lead to purposeful results! Rewire Leader Brain to activate transformative code. Leaders influence and experience expansion levels of performance throughout their culture as trustand commitment resonate into strengths-based interactions. Transcend chaotic influences as untapped potential makes way for Executives, Leaders, Teams, HiPos and Millennials to spark and elevate points of impace, within theculture, that positively affectprofitability.


Healers that Use Tools to Facilitate Healing

Barbara Larrabee

Healing Patches

Barbara was just 19 when her mom suddenly died at age 52 – way too young! Her doctor said to expect the
same path but she was determined to have a different, healthier and longer journey. This inspired her to pay attention to science research and tools available over the years that were “alternative” or outside the box.

In her 20’s, when it wasn’t cool, she was “Mother Earth,” – organic gardening, food pairing, studying
vitamins and minerals as well as diseases and how to prevent them, raising her kids on home cooking
packed with nutrients. Her husband developed Type 2 diabetes with many complications and she entered a phase of putting her knowledge to work to not just address her own genetic heritage but to help him. Herbs, vitamins, minerals, wound care, hyperbaric oxygen, ozone therapy, hair analysis-- many modalities.

In spite of all this knowledge, her own health and weight, literally, had its ups and downs, and one time she even weighed 207. She was seriously ill with copper poisoning. She had a head injury and subsequent stroke. She’s “been there, done that” and throughout all of this has been so grateful for the
information and choices of therapy that have been available.

Fast forward to today….Barbara is channeling her passion for helping people through several products
which address the core issues of inflammation, oxidative stress, cellular damage and the root causes of disease
and aging. She has a Diploma in Personal Nutrition from Shaw Academy and a certification as a Longevity Wellness Specialist. Her products cover several broad categories: pain management, brain health and stress relief, cellular anti-aging, animal health and longevity, skin and hair regeneration and beauty, body regeneration, gut health.

Especially interesting is a science-proven cutting edge technology called Photo BioModulation, or wearable light
therapy. This simple, affordable and fascinating therapy uses the body’s infrared light to stimulate the body’s own stem cells to perform in a younger and more active way. These stem cells can then go to work repairing the body. No injections, and because nothing crosses the skin except light, there’s no interaction with medications.

Barbara’s clients are those who:

  • Need pain relief—joint pain, long-term pain of many years, recent pain, head pain etc.
  • Have any health condition, including those which are chronic and where you feel there is no hope
  • Need support with broken bones, wound healing and surgeries
  • Want to have more body and brain energy
  • Want to regenerate
  • Want to excel at physical performance—runners, body builders, personal trainers, fitness
  • Invest in preventive health
  • Kids who are “labelled” – non-verbal, etc.
  • Practitioners who want to help their client base
  • Veterans with old injuries, pain and anxiety

Barbara can also be reached at:

Phone: 214-755-2725


CJ Bredesen

Massage Therapist/Ionoc Detox

CJ (Carol) Bredesen has been a Massage Therapist since 1998. Her passion is to educate her clients on what types of holistic and alternative modalities are available for the health and wellness of their bodies. She wants her clients to “Feel The Freedom” in their bodies. With their physical health as well as emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. Basically, whole body wellness.

Her career path has ebbed and flowed since receiving her massage licensing in 1998. Nine years ago, being in a sales position, she had a realization that she was not following her true passion. Her passion being the desire to help people with their health and wellness. Jumping back in to the health and wellness field she added an Infrared Sauna and Ionic Foot Detox to her practice. She learned, by experiencing the sauna and foot detox herself, how valuable they can be to help the body with detoxing. Her friends lovingly call her a “Detox Specialist” and she accepts that with a smile.

CJ is also a Reiki Master and loves to work with her clients to help with stress, anxiety or any physical discomfort. “Its amazing to see the results of energy moving, shifting or releasing in the body.” As well as energy work, CJ is a Young Living Oils Distributor. She enjoys doing the Raindrop Technique with Young Living Oils. This is another type of detox using therapeutic grade essential oils. Introducing nine oils into the inside of each foot and into the spine. As well as, some massage work with the muscles of the back. And topping it off with hot, wet towels which push the oils deeper through the body. For most of her clients this normally leads to a wonderful night’s sleep. The Young Living Therapeutic grade oils process through the body over a period of 5-7 days. CJ jokingly tells her clients to not go running errands or go shopping after this session, or mow the lawn, LOL. Go home and put your PJ’s on and drink some good water or a cup of tea and absorb the goodness!!
CJ’s most recent addition to her practice is a vascular therapy Medical device called the Bemer. With an eight minute session this device can help with better circulation, stress, anxiety, fatigue and better sleep. CJ asks her clients to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate both before and after a Bemer session. The Bemer can also assist in detoxing and de-acidifying the body. As well as supplying oxygen to the cells. It’s ALL about Healthy Blood Flow!
CJ is happily married to her husband Greg and lives in Garland. She has a son and daughter and granddaughter. She loves spending time with her family, her furry family and close friends. CJ also loves to help her clients with their furry families, as in dogs, cats and horses. With reiki, with Young Living oils and with the Bemer. She also loves to drum and has made several drums of her own. She is a lover of the outdoors, the backyard garden, the forest, the sun and any body of water.

Cassie Clayton

Bemer Mat Technology

Cassie is passion-driven about helping you build your brand. She created Stargazers Unite to help lightworkers follow their purpose. As a lightworker herself, Cassie understands how important it is for you to focus on the healing and connection with your client which is why she loves to do all of the back-end work needed to help you build a brand that you can be proud of and that expresses who you are to potential clients.Don’t know where to start? As a brand expert, Cassie can help you design and build your website, hone in on brand identity, video editing, and podcast creation. Cassie is your one-stop-shop for everything needed to build your spiritual empire!

Mary Ellen Dorey

Registered Clinical Aromatherapist (RA)

Mary Ellen Dorey is a Registered Clinical Aromatherapist (RA) with over 11 years of professional experience in formulating products for BodyCare, WellCare, SkinCare and Natural Perfumes. She combines her aromatherapy blends with reflexology, sound healing and energy work for effective treatments for her clients. Mary Ellen offices in Plano, TX.

Healers that Do Not Use Tools to Facilitate Healing

Cathy Reeder

Energy Worker, Life Coach,
and Group Facilitator

I come from a long line of healers, something I was unaware of for most of my life. Although I have consciously been on my spiritual journey since college, it wasn’t until I decided to leave the corporate world, that I began pursuing my spiritual path full-time. My first real clue that I had an ability to heal others happened at my first psychic development meeting where several mediums all said at once, “YOU ARE A HEALER!” After that, I realized I had been healing my family members for years--even instantly removing warts from the hand of a family friend! I also became aware that I could sense pain and energy blockages in others through my hands. I then began studying different healing modalities.
I became a Reiki master, Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner, and was also certified in Crystal Healing, as well as studying other healing modalities. But my most profound training began when I was 'called' to go to Hawaii in 2012 where I met my greatest teachers, two native Hawaiian healers. Kanoa and Keola were expecting me although we had had no previous contact! After I had a session with them, they asked to instruct me in their type of La'au Kahea. I completed the first level of training and began to use it immediately. When I completed their higher-level training, I received my Hawaiian guides who aid me in all sessions. This is the most effective form of healing I have ever experienced. I continue to modify my techniques as instructed by Spirit but the foundation remains rooted in this indigenous healing approach.

While in Hawaii, in August 2012, I began to channel Archangel Michael. Soon I was receiving messages from many beings from the angelic realm, as well as from Ascended Masters. I am now an open, conscious channel for all beings of the Highest Light. This has allowed me to receive guidance in my healings. I now always receive and communicate personal messages from these higher energy Beings during sessions.

It is my privilege and joy to offer this unique form of healing and to see the benefits and incredible changes in my clients’ lives. I also provide personal life/spiritual coaching, conduct workshops, and host weekly meetings on a variety of spiritual


Contact Info

Cell: 469-744-5191



Joy Kauf

Tarot Reader, Channel, Reiki,



Joy Kauf is the founder of the Miracles of Joy Spiritual Center, a Mecca for healings, readings, and esoteric studies in the Dallas area for over 15 years. Joy is a Master Teacher of GALACTIC HEALING®. She brings great passion to her work being a channel of Native American, Ascended Masters, Ancient Egyptian energies, and is a willing vessel for all frequencies who want to merge and bring wisdom. She has dedicated her life to helping others connect with the Divine and find their highest calling for the world. Joy is also certified as an Advanced Theta Practitioner, as well as a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, and gifted Psychic. Joy was a very successful Vice President of CitiFinancial prior to opening her Center. Joy is now taking that expertise and knowledge to help Spiritual Leaders in starting their own successful businesses.

Teresa "Tess" Biddick

Usui Reike Master Teacher

Although having had ‘unusual’ experiences through the years – both awake and in-sleep, Teresa Biddick accepted and forged ahead as if everyone had these experiences; not realizing the uniqueness. After all, it wasn’t something discussed at

home or in church. Only an aunt mentioned what Teresa knows now as moon rituals, angelic intercession, and the like. Then, after more than 30 years in the landscape, design, and community planning world, Teresa was made aware of the significance, as
she was on the edge of a new Life chapter.

Currently, Teresa Biddick practices Reiki and H2H healing; and teaches Reiki to youth and adults. She completed Heart-2-Heart Healing practitioner training (Dr. Vicki High, 2020); Beginning Acupressure Class (Integrated Center for Oriental Medicine, 2015, 2018); Sound Healing with Tuning Forks in Massage Therapy (Stephanie Zocco, 2015); and Usui Teate Reiki, Shihan level 4, becoming a Reiki Master Practitioner & Reiki Master Teacher (Deb & Larry Cline, 2014). Additionally, Teresa is certified in Crystal Healing I (SoulTopia Academy, 2016) and completed studies for Advanced DNA
ThetaHealingTM Practitioner (THINK) (CHI Lighthouse, 2015). Teresa is a Practitioner member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (abmp) and a minister associated with the Universal Life Church. Divine Dragonfly has become her platform to
offer healing arts and teaching. Always a curious soul, she continues her journey to be knowledgeable, mindful, enlightened & light-hearted.

As the oldest girl of a very large family, Teresa’s role was not fully appreciated until later in life. Spirituality, love, respect, responsibility, good communication, and the value of
fun were big take-away lessons since the early days. Appreciation of the natural world was also learned early. Volunteerism began early, too, as a church babysitter & student leader of a local Camp Fire Girls group. Since then, volunteering with various organizations has enabled Teresa to give back with gratitude and learn at the same

Today, Teresa lives in Garland with loving husband, Fred, persnickety cat, K.C. and onery adopted brother, Tabby Cat. In 2019, we all welcomed rescued pup, Bear, who continues his healing. We continue to convert our yard into an urban sanctuary for ourselves & wildlife. Time with family & friends is precious.

Ana Noyce

Light Language

Ana Noyce is an energy practioner, an educator of Light Language which many make the mistake of thinking is only about speaking in the galactic tongues but that is only a small portion of it.

Light Language is every thought, action, word, or deed you or anyone around you has ever done. And if that isn't enough, it is also the Spirit Anatomy that animates your physical body. It is what makes you a Multi -dimensional being and creates the world you live in, not to mention your phycial body.

It is with Great pleasure we are happy to have Ana share her deep wisdom, her experiences, and how she works with Light.


Tracey Escobar

Red Couch Medium, Evidence Mediumship

Tracey Escobar is an advanced certified Psychic Medium with Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development. She has completed several rigorous programs with 3rd party testing as to the accuracy of her connections. Tracey works nationally with a home base in Dallas Texas where she does private sessions and helps others on developing their own gifts. Tracey is the author and creator of “Messages from Above”, a spirit guided oracle deck that helps you connect to your loved ones in spirit. Tracey has been honored to be a co-host on the popular podcasts Spiritual Surgery and Metaphysical Happy Hour.

Social Media:


The Red Couch Medium-Tracey Escobar


The Red Couch Medium

Tik Tok: The_Red_Couch_Medium


Lana Johnson

Trance Medium

Trance Healing involves the transfer of healing energy to the subject from spirit. The difference between other healing modalities and trance healing is the state of consciousness of the trance healer. Often the Trance Healer will enter into a deep delta brainwave state, which is a very deep trance state. These sessions are in person sessions.

Tanya Griffin

Spirit Rescue Medium

Tanya Griffin is the Dean of Education for the Light Language University. She is an acomplished medium and trained in the University's Language of Light, Intutive surgery, Spirit Rescue, Shamanic work and energy work.

Tanya's work is not only to share her talents with her students, but is often called on to use her intutive gifts as a medium to help others who feel attacked or attract other beings from the other side. She has the ability to communicate and work dimensionally with the losts souls, ghosts, and entities that haunt people, land, and things.

Ana Noyce

Spirit Rescue &

Trance Medium

Ana Noyce is the founder of the Light Language Univeristy and has been trained in various modaliets of Light Language such as Spirit Rescue, Mediumship, Intuvitive Surgery, Reiki, Shamanic journying, Sacred Grometry, Energy healing, Akashic Records, Sound Healing, Dimensioal travel and more...

Ana has been communicating with other Beings, Spirits, Ghosts, Guides, ET's, and Entities over her lifetime. She uses her knowledge and intutive gifts to help educate others and to facilatate workshops & classes to help others move through their Awakening Process and step into their their personal power with their Spritual gifts and talents.

Ana will be bringing in the prespective of her love of working with Mediumship in the Akashic Records, & Spirit Rescue.