Light Language University

Serving three different kinds of students:

Seekers- Students who are curious and interested in learning about Light Language.

Practitioners- Students who want to be fully educated in practicing the Aquarian Age Light Language Techniques as Certified Practitioners from Light Language University.

Light Language Teachers - Students who are fully qualified and certified from Light Language University to teach various subjects from the Light Language curriculum.

Light Language University operates on a Trimester schedule.

All Workshops meet on Zoom for the Fall & Spring.

Classes and Developing Groups meet on Zoom year-round

Summer workshops are held in-person at different locations in the US and also on Zoom.

Seeker's Plan


  • LLW101
  • LLW102
  • Any higher level course of choice
  • This plan is for people that are exploring and learning for their own journey!

Practitioner's Plan


  • LLW101

  • LLW102
  • Must meet all requirements of the 2-day workshop or workshops of the subject chosen
  • Retake & attend the same workshop in chosen field
  • Complete 20 hours of Self Development Group & 40 hours of Clinical Development Hours - for a total of 60 hours
  • Check-in's, questions, & advice from Tanya Griffin, Dean of Education

Light Language Teacher's Plan


  • LLW101
  • LLW102
  • Meeting requirements of the 2-day workshop or workshops of the subject of choice (Medical Intuitive, Spirit Rescue etc.)
Contact Tanya Griffin, Dean of Education, for more information regarding our Teacher's Plan:
(469)228-4077 or email

For more information about our educational tracks please contact Tanya Griffin, Dean of Education at or (469)228-4077