Light Language University Workshops

All workshops are two days from 10AM to 6PM. Manuals are included. Light Language 101 & Light Language 102 provide the basic framework of knowledge for the University and are prerequisites for all other Workshops.

Two Day Workshop 10AM - 6PM

LLW101 $300

Light Language 101

Spirit Anatomy and How You Connect

This workshop lays the first foundation of knowledge of the language of light. It is a prerequisite to all the other courses within this field. The workshop is designed as an overview of how you fit into the scheme of things, by learning about different energy centers and how they communicate to each other on both a physical and soul level.

You will discover a progression of the ages and how we as multi-dimensional beings fit into third and fourth dimension through our physical and spiritual anatomy.

Two Day Workshop 10AM - 6PM

LLW102 $325

Light Language 102

You As a Multi-Dimensional Being

Prerequisite - LLW101

In this workshop you will explore your spiritual gifts on a conscious level in understanding yourself as a multi-dimensional being. Through guided explorations, you will become aware of the power of co-creating as you align your mind, body, and soul in experiencing different states of being in how you fit in with the world around you, and the Universe.

Two Day Workshop 10AM - 6PM

SR01 $350

Spirit Rescue

Rescuing and Releasing Ghosts & Entities

Prerequisite - LLW101, LLW102

You will explore how you connect to your guides and the spirit realm, depending on how you have developed your connection within their spirit anatomy. Learn tools that help you expand your conscious connection with your Spirit Team, allowing you the opportunity to work with the portals of light and helping those who are lost to move forward.

This is a great class to learn not only about yourself, but to be of service to others who are stuck or in need.

Two Day Workshop 10AM - 6PM

ARL1 $350

Akashic RecordsLevel 1

Learn to Read Your Akashic Records

Prerequisite - LLW101, LLW102

This workshop is set up for you to learn and experience what it is like to open, explore, and read your own Akashic Records, using various techniques. Discover your personal conscious connection in going into the vibrational fields of the Akashic Records to retrieve information about yourself in your past, present, and many potential futures. You will have the opportunity to practice accessing deeper knowledge about yourself and your soul's progression in helping you to navigate through personal experiences and to help manifest or create changes in your life.

  1. Build conscious relationships with the Akashic Record keepers
  2. Raise your vibrational fields
  3. Explore contracts and ancestral connections
  4. Learn how to shift energy from past experience and blocks
  5. Visit other realms, dimensions, and universes
  6. Learn more about your guides and your relationship with them

Two Day Workshop 10AM - 6PM

ARL2 $350

Akashic Records Level 2

Learn to Read the Records of Others

Prerequisite - LLW101, LLW102, Akashic Records Level 1

Learn how to maneuver in the Akashic Records and retrieve information for your clients. You also work with other people's guides and record keepers to gain skills and techniques that help you heal and move through blocks for your clients.

Students who want to receive a certificate to read the records of others must complete the workshop & participate in 40 hours of the Akashic Development Group ($20/2hr session).

Two Day Workshop 10AM - 6PM

MIL1 $350

Medical Intuitive Level 1

Understanding the Mechanics of Psychic Surgery

Prerequisite - LLW101, LLW102

The Medical Intuitive Workshop is intended for those who want to expand their knowledge and expertise in working energetically with the mental, emotional, physical, and etheric bodies using not only the expertise that each individual brings to the workshop but also the tools from the Light Language 101 and 102 Workshops.

No longer are we limited to the physical parameters in which to work. At this shift in the ages we are, now more than ever, stepping into a time where we facilitate long distance healing sessions without needing to be in someone's physical presence.

This is a great workshop to update your intuitive gifts and energy healing skills. It opens doors to a new understanding of how to maneuver in and go deeper into Spirit Anatomy.

Two Day Workshop 10AM - 6PM

SWL1 $350

Shamanic Workshop Level 1

The Journey and Map to Other Worlds

Prerequisite - LLW101, LLW102

This workshop explains the upper, middle, and lower realms of the Shamanic Worlds. You will meet and work with your Spirit Animal/Spirit Team and travel the world of the Shaman.

The Shamanic Workshop will introduce you to other energy beings that will work with you in your shamanic journeys. Learn about the different astral worlds and take a tour through each one of them learning the protocols and how to discern when making decisions on these astral planes.

You will become versed in three different cultural realms and learn their names that they come across when moving through the astral planes and how to identify them. The understanding and insight of those entities who have taken an interest in human beings and have their own agendas is key in knowing who to trust and who to not trust.

It is always important to know the names of the dimensional worlds and who you are traveling with, not to mention how to communicate with multi-dimensional beings.

Instructor: Ana Noyce

Shamanic Workshop Level 2

Prerequisite - LLW101, LLW102, Shamanic Workshop Level 1

The Shamanic Level 2 workshop teaches you a variety of tools and techniques such as soul retrieval, collapsing timelines, working with the DNA, and psychopomps to name a few.

You will also do inner-dimensional work as you explore the four levels of consciousness in discovering how to retreive information so you can journey for yourself and others.

The benefits of this workshop is about knowing how to delve deeper into the work and help others make shifts and changes in their lives and consciousness, to begin the process of healing on the Soul and Spirit level.

Instructor: Ana Noyce

Two Day Workshop 10AM - 6PM

LCSG04 $350

Light Codes & Sacred Geometry

Light Language As a Second Language

Prerequisite - LLW101, LLW102, Medical Intuitive Level 1

For those students who want to know more about Sacred Geometry and Light Codes to heal physical, emotional, and etheric bodies on a much faster scale. You learn how to work with different energy signatures, light codes, and various forms of sacred geometry to take what is learned in the Medical Intuitive Workshop to the next level.

Two Day Workshop 10AM - 6PM

HE03 $350

Herbal Essences Workshop

Herbal Signatures

Prerequisite - LLW101, LLW102

Learn to work with herbs on an etheric level and discover how they alter the body. You will learn different recipes and formulas using various herbs and spices to help bring balance, clearing, and cleansing to aid in healing the energetic and physical body.

This workshop expands your knowledge of how to work with plant medicine on a whole other level.

Two Day Workshop 10AM - 6PM

ST05 $350

Star Tribe Workshop

Working with Planetary Signatures

Prerequisite - LLW101, LLW102

This workshop is for those who want to work with the healing energies in the energy bodies and learn how to line-up one's own energy fields with the planetary shifts that affect us all. This process helps make our ride on the planet a lot smoother when we understand how we each connect.

Note: No tools are necessary to achieve the effect of becoming a human tuning fork to balance the energies from the shifts in our own physical body. Learn the principles of planet sounds and resonance as a modality to achieve powerful self-balance and healing of mind, body, and spirit.


Auditing Workshops

This is a great way to deepen your knowledge and understanding of Light Language.

Need approval of the Dean of Education. It is 1/2 price to re-take any workshop after first completion.

Light Language University Development Groups

The Development Groups were created for students who have completed the prerequisites and meet all requirements for the Practitioners and/or Teachers Educational Tracks. By participating in the Development Groups, you will gain first hand knowledge and experience working on yourself and other students, then eventually with clients, all under the guidence of an experienced instructor.

Practioners must complete 40 hours to become certified by LLU.

Teachers must complete 60 hours to become certified by LLU.

To qualify for the Development Groups, students must declare a tract (Teacher or Practitioner), meet all of the prerequisites under the subcategory, and be approved by the Dean of Education, Tanya Griffin.

Two hours 7PM - 9PM


Spirit Rescue Developing Group

Prerequisite - LLW101, LLW102, Spirit Rescue

You will work under the guidance of an experienced Instructor who will lead you through the process of removing ghosts and entities from people, places, and things. You will have real experiences in working with different clients in various situations that clients bring to the group.

Two hours 7PM - 9PM


Medical Intuitive Developing Group

Prerequisite - LLW101, LLW102, Medical Intuitive Level 1

You will work under the guidance of an experienced Instructor who will supervise and guide you through real cases of clients who are wanting to participate in psychic surgery.

Two Hours 7PM - 9PM


Akashic Records Level 2 Developing Group

Prerequisite - LLW101, LLW102, Akashic Records Level 1

You will work under the guidance of an experienced Instructor, learning and experiencing how to maneuver when working with clients and accessing information in their Akashic Records.

Light Language University Mini Satellite Classes

The time of shifting from operating in the old Piscean - linear energy, to the new Aquarian - non-linear, multi-dimensional energy is upon us. With the expansion of the Universal energy, we now have at our fingertips the knowledge that was taught by the Sages and Mystery schools from the Atlanteans and Lemurians. What we have forgotten is being once again remembered and is allowing us to expand our own awareness to greater depths in discovering who we are as Multi-Dimensional Beings.

All classes are two hours long with no prerequisites.

NTAT001 $35

Two Hour Class

New To All This

This class was created for all those individuals who have questions and want to know more about metaphysics and the Universe around them, but do not know where to ask. The class is set up for open discussions to talk, learn, and share our experiences as Multi-Dimensional Beings so we can relate to how it all plays into our lives as we live in the third dimensional world.

WDWKAP002 $50

One Hour Class

What Do We Know About Protection?

As we are moving forward into the new age of Aquarius, we are awakening to a higher vibration of expanded consciousness that is changing the way we view and experience things in and around us on a multi-dimensional level. We are discovering that not only can we change what we thought, that rendered us helpless in the past, but now we have an understanding of how we are connected as we step into our personal power.

DI003 $50

One Hour Class

Dream Interpretation

Dreams have so much to share with us as Multi-Dimensional Beings. Again, we are reminded that we as human beings are both physical and spiritual beings, so dreams can be an amazing tool to add to our toolbox when learning about ourselves and others. Join me in exploring the astral worlds of dreams and learn some tools that will help you to interpret your own dreams.

D&D004 $50

One Hour Class

Death & Dying

This is a wonderful class for anyone who wants to know what happens to us when we die. We will cover all questions and leave this open for those who want to explore and understand what happens on both the physical and spiritual planes.

PL005 $50

One Hour Class

Past Lives

Have you ever wondered who you were in a past life? In this class we will talk about past lives and explore who we were in other lifetimes using some techniques of stepping into and remembering what we have forgotten.

Connect, Engage, Grow