Light Language University

"To Live in the world without becoming aware of the meaning of the world is like wandering about in a great library without touching the books" - The Secret Teaching of All Ages

When we first awaken, we suddenly become aware, recognizing, and seeing ourselves, others, and the universe through a multi-dimensional lens. This changes everything that we once thought to be true and suddenly we find ourselves redefining the world around us as it no longer fits the old paradigm. During this time of transition, we start to discover our personal truth and how we fit into this amazing complex network of the divine matrix.

The Light Language University offers workshops and classes to help students expand their knowledge and experience of how they fit into the great scheme of things in and around us. This allows them to tap into the higher consciousness that has ascended upon the Universe and interact as a conscious cocreator in life instead of being ruled by what we call fate.

The Light Language University offers workshops and classes to expand and explore our natural and personal gifts.

Introduction to Light Language

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Definition of Light Language

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